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Marra restaurant

Warmth and relaxation are the best sensations that can better describe the atmosphere in our restaurant. Our mission: to pamper you and make you feel at home. Dedication is the secret ingredient of our dishes.

The philosophy of our menu

High quality food is the spirit of our menu. The fresh, first-choice ingredients give to the dishes an authentic and genuine flavour, making every lunch and dinner "at the dP" a gastronomic experience that you will never be satisfied with. Typical traditional elements are reworked to create delicious dishes and give life to a menu that talks about Sardinia in an unconventional way.

The idea of our kitchen

Local and international cuisine merge together in a sparkling and contemporary mix capable of delighting the palates of our cosmopolitan guests. Simplicity draws the character of our cuisine, where the refined flavours are those of our tradition and where the ingredients are skilfully combined with innovative elements to enhance the taste without losing its essence. A selection of local wines goes well with our Chef's specialties to tell the infinite nuances of the territory.

An inclusive cuisine

Our Chef is ready to meet all needs of guests with food intolerances or special culinary habits to which particular care and attention is reserved.