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10 things to see in Olbia and surroundings

What beautiful things are there to see in Olbia? Olbia is famous for its beaches and its natural beauty, but beyond that we suggest:

10 things not to miss in Olbia and its surroundings

  • WALK AROUND OLBIA - 7 minutes by car from Hotel dP

    Olbia is a small jewel, a mix between a hamlet and a seaside city, with a very ancient history that has hosted many cultures and many people who have left the mark of their passage - civilizations such as the Phoenicians, the Greeks and the Romans. Olbia is a beautiful combination between a tourist destination and an authentic centre, which is very lively for the city’s residents. The promenade along Olbia's seafront is the ideal place to enjoy a unique view of the Gulf and at the same time practice outdoor sports. With the Jungle Tree gymnastics park you can do rope training on the vertical gyms or enjoy regenerating walks in the fresh air early in the morning or in the evening. The clubs and restaurants facing the sea are many and of all kinds, you will be spoiled for choice.

    The archaeological museum of Olbia is a perfect site for archeology enthusiasts, housing very ancient finds, in particular the Roman and medieval wrecks found in the excavation of the ancient port. It is a great option on those windy and rainy days. The visit to the museum is free and can be easily reached on foot from the historic centre of the city. Tthere is a large free car park near the Molo Brin. You will also come across the churches that characterize the historic centre, such as the Parish Church of S. Paolo Apostolo with its characteristic colored dome, as well as the Basilica of San Simplicio, patron saint of the city. A few years ago, an Orthodox church with a very particular architecture was built in the city of Olbia, all to be admired.

  • SACRED WELL OLBIA - 4 minutes walk from Hotel dP

    The Sacred Well Sa Testa is located in front of the Hotel dP, you just need to cross the road and find yourself in this ancient sanctuary where the rituals of the cult of water were practiced. The Sacred Well is among the most characteristic archaeological sites of Olbia. Entry is free. Of equal importance you can find two other sites in the Municipality of Olbia: the Tomb of the Giants Su mont'e s'Abe from the Nuragic era, discovered in the 1960s and the Castle of Pedres from the Medieval era. Both sites have free entry and can be reached from Hotel dP by car or with our paid shuttle service.

  • WALK TO PORTO ROTONDO - 24 minutes by car from Hotel dP

    Porto Rotondo is a wonderful village, rich in beauty and art. The current Porto Rotondo was born in 1964 by the Counts Nicolò and Luigi Donà dalle Rose. In 1978 the port was also built, bringing the current village to the next level, with the Yacht Club also being introduced in 1985. Not to be missed is the walk along the Porto Rotondo seafront at sunset, perhaps enjoying a creamy homemade ice cream. Piazzetta San Marco and Piazzetta della Darsena hide unparalleled places and wonders, certainly a valid alternative to the beach on windy days. Porto Rotondo Life is a program of events that accompanies evenings of all kinds for adults and children. Discover the entire program on the official blog of the Porto Rotondo Consortium in the events section.

  • TAVOLARA AND MOLARA - 25 minutes by car from Hotel dP for ferry departures

    Tavolara, in addition to being a tourist destination for its wonderful sea or for beautiful excursions and climbs, leaves nothing to be desired either for its fascinating history. Tavolara had a King, Giuseppe Bertoleoni, appointed by the King of Sardinia and Piedmont, Carlo Alberto. The King of Sardinia and Piedmont, after having landed with his yacht on Tavolara, met Giuseppe, who told him his story. After they became friends and companions in hunting gold-toothed goats, Carlo appointed Giuseppe as master of the island, entrusting him followed by a parchment attesting to the Bertoleoni Kings of Tavolara. Tavolara thus became the smallest kingdom in the world.

    Easily reachable by boat or dinghy, on Tavolara and Molara you will have an unforgettable experience. Many companies are at your disposal that organize trips to the Island of Tavolara and Molara. Tavolara is located in the protected marine area, and with a mask and snorkel you will leave enchanted as you admire a seabed rich in every marine species. The beauty that will greet you will be overwhelming with natural pools that are a combination of azure, blue and emerald green. Tavolara can be easily reached by ferry from Porto San Paolo which is only 25 minutes by car from the Hotel dP.

  • THE HISTORICAL VILLAGE OF SAN PANTALEO - 25 minutes by car from Hotel dP

    The village of San Pantaleo is not to be missed under any circumstances, a riot of colors, scents and sounds, a place where glamor and tradition combine with truly scenic views. San Pantaleo is a small, typically Gallura village nestled between the granite mountains of the Cugnana massif and the emerald sea of the north-eastern part of Sardinia.

  • LA MADDALENA ARCHIPELAGO - 50 minutes by car from Hotel dP for ferry departures

    The La Maddalena archipelago is one of the most popular destinations for sea lovers and for those who want to spend their holidays surrounded by beauty and history. The largest island, La Maddalena, gives its name to the archipelago and is the only inhabited island; the first urban settlement dates back to the end of the 18th century when Corsican shepherds decided to settle here. A strategic point in the Mediterranean Sea, civil architecture mixes with military architecture and natural granite sculptures creating an unmistakable identity. The second largest island is Caprera, connected to La Maddalena via a bridge that can also be crossed by car. Caprera is famous for having hosted the exile of the famous Giuseppe Garibaldi, even today it is possible to visit the House-Museum and his memorial. Caprera is also home to one of the most prestigious sailing schools in the world. Thanks to the many trekking routes you can discover hidden beaches; the beautiful equipped pine forests are perfect for relaxing picnics. La Maddalena is easily reachable by car with the ferry from Palau (only 50 minutes by car from the Hotel dP); in order not to miss the natural spectacle offered by all the islands, boat tours are organized by numerous companies departing from Santa Teresa Gallura, Palau, Cannigione and Baja Sardinia.

    The La Maddalena archipelago is part of the national park of the same name established in 1994 to safeguard the natural heritage of over 60 islands and contains some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

  • SAN TEODORO and NIGHTLIFE - 30 minutes by car from Hotel dP

    During the day San Teodoro offers beautiful beaches such as La Cinta, Lu Impostu, Cala Brandinchi and at night it transforms with a frenetic and lively nightlife with various clubs overlooking the sea which at sunset transform into open-air discos.


    For trekking lovers we suggest the routes in the natural area of Capo Figari and Isola di Figarolo which allow you to explore the area while immersing yourself in the natural and cultural beauties. The routes can be covered on foot, by bicycle or on horseback and some starting points are Capo Figari, Cabu Abbas and Capo Ceraso.

  • COSTA SMERALDA - VITA SMERALDA - 35 minutes by car from Hotel dP

    We are located in the Municipality of Arzachena. Starting from Porto Cervo, a leading destination for a luxury holiday for VIPs, the Costa Smeralda consists of many locations that are as equally worthy of the more well-known Porto Cervo. Passing through Abbiadori you can reach Cala di Volpe, where you will come across the Pevero Golf Club, an exclusive place for true golf enthusiasts. Heading towards the coast you will find Capriccioli and Romazzino, a piece of coast that will leave you breathless with the beauty of its beaches and the emerald color of the sea. Heading north, you will arrive in Porto Cervo, an exclusive location for luxury tourism, full of beauty, night clubs, restaurants and history. This village was born in 1962 at the behest of Prince Karim Aga Khan who, fascinated by the beauty of the place, decided to build the first hotel near the old port. Characterized by a set of small streets, windows, balconies, built in the typical Gallura style with many shops with prestigious brands, you can continue up to the small square overlooking the Old Port. The splendid church of Porto Cervo Stella Maris dominates Porto Cervo marina.

  • PITTULONGU BEACH - 5 Minutes by car from Hotel dP

    The closest beach to our hotel is the beautiful and spacious Pittulongu beach, mainly a free beach, equipped with bars and restaurants, which also provide sunbeds and umbrellas at reasonable prices. Ample free parking makes the beach a favorite destination for tourists and guests, and locals. Long and deep the beach has room for everyone. The coast develops towards the north, where you can find Spiaggia Lo Squalo, Spiaggia del Pellicano, Mare e Rocce, Spiaggia di Bados and then continue towards Golfo Aranci, the fishermen's town, which is really worth a visit!