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International Wedding Sardinia, the perfect wedding!

International Wedding Sardinia

Whether it's a Civil Wedding or a Religious Ceremony , every future spousal couple will find themselves faced with the onerous task of choosing the ideal location to celebrate this unique and special day of their life with relatives and friends.

In this article, we will better address the topic and explore the important points to consider in this choice.

But what is civil marriage? It is about that union celebrated outside the Religious Ceremony: an officiant will unite you in marriage in front of relatives and friends with whom you have decided to share this memorable day, in a simple symbolic rite but still full of emotions.

Once you have pronounced your "I do", valid by law, you can enjoy a very respectable private function to celebrate your new life as a married couple.

But even if you have decided to get married following a more traditional Religious Ceremony, choosing the right location for your wedding reception in Sardinia is essential for that day to be exactly how you want it.

A location for civil weddings in Sardinia, but also for wedding receptions and banquets , must have specific characteristics and satisfy multiple needs at the same time: let's see some of these together.

International Wedding Sardinia: the characteristics.

The buildup of preparations is always very exciting for any future married couple, but the organizational part can be very stressful, require time and a considerable expenditure of energy.

Where you decide to host your wedding, your wedding reception, or both, is one of the first choices to make and must be carefully considered.

The choice of a restaurant as the most suitable place to host the reception has long been one of the most popular stereotypes, but times change and with them the tastes and needs of many young couples who today prefer as a location for their wedding a modern and classy alternative : a large space for receptions that is at their complete disposal.

But be careful! In order for the choice to live up to expectations, the wedding location in Sardinia that you are going to choose must have, among other things:

  • a high level of culinary options to satisfy your requests and expectations;
  • menu flexibility, which is adaptable to the budget established together with a team of professionals, also according to the needs of your guests (celiacs, vegetarians, etc.);
  • availability of large indoor and outdoor spaces to welcome guests, while ensuring a suitable setting for producing memorable photographs to be included in the wedding album.

Finding such a place would be a perfect wedding location! Thus the exhausting search can be considered complete because the Hotel dP Olbia-Sardinia fully satisfies all the above requirements and many more.

International Wedding Sardinia: perché l’Hotel dP?

The dP Olbia-Sardinia Hotel was entirely designed to offer a refined and modern alternative to more traditional celebrations.

The large indoor hall and outdoor spaces make it the ideal location for weddings: comfortable environments in which to move easily and a breathtaking garden will welcome you and your guests in a relaxing atmosphere thanks to a place surrounded by greenery, all organized and managed with absolute professionalism!

The Hotel dP Olbia-Sardinia is located just 3 kilometers from Olbia, a gem set in a hill northeast of the city, surrounded by the flourishing Mediterranean scrub. This location offers beautiful natural glimpses: the perfect landscape to be the backdrop for wonderful photographs , forever allowing you to remember the day with the same unmistakable emotions.

While the kitchen of the Hotel dP Olbia-Sardinia will devote itself to preparing your wedding banquet, our staff, thanks to the deep knowledge of the sector’s network, will help you to identify the best solutions for everything concerning the supply of "extra" hotel services, such as:

  • floral decorations;
  • various set-ups;
  • video/photography;
  • car rental;
  • transfer service;
  • organization of trips and excursions for guests.

In short, everything you need to make your wedding unique!

From the customization of the menu to the process for defining a budget that suits your needs, for the staff of the dP Olbia-Sardinia hotel the first goal is the satisfaction of those who decide to entrust us to celebrate such an important day as that of marriage.

International Wedding Sardinia: the context of a fairytale wedding.

Located on the northeastern coast of Sardinia, Olbia, thanks also to the Isola Bianca port and the Olbia-Costa Smeralda airport, is one of the main cities of the island and the most important tourist and economic center in the whole of Gallura.

The peculiarity of this geographical area lies in the fragmentation of the coast into small gulfs with different orientations, which leave some beaches permanently sheltered from the prevailing winds, which is why visitors often choose it over other locations.

The Gulf of Olbia is dotted with beaches and coves that are nothing short of spectacular!

To the north, towards Golfo Aranci, we find:

  • the famous Pittulongu beach (only 1 km away from our hotel);
  • the beach of Lo Squalo;
  • the Pelican;
  • Sea and Rocks;
  • Bados and the numerous coves of the Pittulongu-Golfo Aranci coast.

To the south - towards San Teodoro - we find instead:

  • the Lido del Sole;
  • the Saline;
  • Bunthe;
  • Li Cuncheddi;
  • the inlets of Porto Istana, Costa Corallina and Porto San Paolo.

The name Olbia most likely has pre-Roman origins, in fact it dates back to the Greek " Olbios ", "happy", which in turn derives from the Phoenician " Olba " or " Elbi ".

Evidence of the ancient settlements is the Punic-Roman necropolis, today the Museum of the Necropoli s, which has 450 tombs and is located at the foot of the altar of the Basilica of San Simplicio (11th - 12th century), the most important cult building in Gallura and, at the same time, the oldest testimony of the Christian religion in Sardinia. The church takes its name from the patron saint of Olbia , celebrated in May of each year with the famous Festa di San Simplicio characterized by the procession accompanied by the procession in costume.

In the Olbia area we find about fifty Nuragic settlements dating back to the Bronze Age, among which the Tomba dei Giganti di Su Monte de S’Ab e, the Nuraghe Riu Mulin u and the Pozzo Sacro Sa Testa stand out for their importance. The remains of the walls visible in Via Torino date back to the period of the Carthaginian settlement. Remains of the Roman Forum are also visible, near the Town Hall, and of the aqueduct, in the locality of Tilibbas.

This land looks like no other place ”, so David Herbert Lawrence described our Sardinia. And again, " a place out of time and histor y". In short, a unique destination for your wedding, an unforgettable experience to give to yourself and to the guests who will be pleasantly surprised and enchanted by this land, so much so that they will thank you for having led them to this Atlantean paradise, this strip of renowned Gallura, on a hill northeast of Olbia, the perfect setting for your "I do". An exclusive place, of international scope thanks to the nearby Costa Smeralda , but at the same time archaic and primitive for its history, a pulsating center of ancient origins and traditions that will forever conquer your heart.

The care and commitment of those who, like us, invest resources and energy in Sardinia are reflected in every area, in every little piece of our tangible and intangible structure, with respectable know-how !

The spark that fuels the concept of the Hotel dP Olbia-Sardinia draws its strength above all from the close contact with a naturalistic context that is unattainable to say the least. We are at her complete service, with our arms outstretched and turned to Mother Nature to be able to breathe freely, listen serenely, bask and nourish ourselves with her gifts which, if you choose us, will also be yours: our land, a precious gift for the your wedding.

There is only the issue of choice to celebrate this special day, being able to rely on an organization close to the couple and their needs, able to guarantee you an absolute quality service in the context of a real paradise on earth. What are you waiting for?  Contact our multilingual team without obligation at +39 0789 17 33 030and take the first step towards the realization of the best day of your life!