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The perfect location for a great ceremony

The best location for events and parties in Olbia.

Do you want to organize your event in a different setting than usual? A new spacious environment surrounded by greenery? Let yourself be conquered by the offer of the Hotel dP in Olbia - Sardinia

For the success of an event it is important to make the right choice, it is therefore fundamental to choose the most appropriate setting, relying on the expert hands of a team of professionals like those of the dP Hotel, multilingual and always at your service.

Why choose our location for your party? In this article we will explore the theme of events at the Hotel dP and what are its strengths.

Where to organize your party in Olbia?

The Hotel dP Olbia - Sardinia is undoubtedly the ideal location for events and parties in Olbia, perfect for an important moment in your life, destined to leave a mark in the hearts and minds of the people you love. If you are in Olbia, Hotel dP may be the right answer to your needs, because:

  • It is located just 3 km from the city and its port.
  • It is 8 km from the Olbia-Costa Smeralda airport.
  • It offers its guests a breathtaking view thanks to the large garden with swimming pool area overlooking the Gulf of Olbia, a must for a selfie at sunset!
  • It has large spaces, both internally and externally, ideal for capturing the most beautiful, intense and fun moments of your party.
  • Multilingual staff, always ready to serve you, professionally accompanying your reception and thus ensuring the perfect organization and success of the event.
  • Moments of cheerfulness and lightheartedness in good company with guests, delighted by the typical and international cuisine, by a vast choice of local wines and, why not, by good music.
  • It is of course possible to stay overnight in the rooms of our structure, ready to respond to every need for rest and relaxation.

This and much more at your disposal and for our guests, with a value for money which might pleasantly surprise you!

How important is a moment? That complex set of sensory elements that contribute to the construction of a memory? We at the Hotel dP Olbia - Sardinia know this well and through highly qualified staff we try to fulfill the desire for a happy and lasting memory over time.

The particular historical moment in which we are living requires more and more contact direct and lasting with the nature that surrounds us. Our hotel, thanks to its exclusive position, is perfect for this need, favoring a healthy contact with nature for the body and for the mind. You will thus find yourself immersed in the Mediterranean scrub of an enchanting hill located north-east of Olbia.

What events can be organized at the dP Hotel?

Each person who makes up the team of the Hotel dP Olbia - Sardinia is at your disposal to help you create any type of event or party, such as:


The wedding reception, the event within the event in which to share the happiness and the joy of the fateful "yes, I do!".

For one of the most meaningful days of your life, it is essential to choose carefully the best place to organize the reception, a place that meets the taste of the couple and that is the setting for an unforgettable day.

Thus, once the date has been set, the couple of future spouses sets out in search of a place that sounds different from a traditional classic, in which to celebrate the most beautiful day, that of marriage, which marks the beginning of a new life together.

Of course not all seats are the same, not all offer the same quality standards and not all locations offer what Hotel dP has to offer!

Why choose us?

Contacting the Hotel dP Olbia - Sardinia for your wedding means dealing with a team of professionals who, with the quality of the proposals, combine a certain attention to detail, an encounter with the personal taste and choices of the couple. Whatever the budget at your disposal, the experience of our team is able to provide the most appropriate solution to the construction of the menu and the settings, always guaranteeing the quality of the service offered.

Qualunque sia il budget a vostra disposizione, l’esperienza del nostro team è in grado di fornire la soluzione più adeguata alla costruzione del menù e degli allestimenti, garantendo sempre la qualità del servizio offerto.


Baptism is the first occasion for celebration in a new family, in which the newborn is at the center of a day full of emotions. From the religious rite to the celebrations, a real debut, the child is thus welcomed by loved ones.

At a time when all the guests want to show their affection, it is important to avoid any stressful situation for the child, opting for quiet and large space that can promote his serenity.

The dP Hotel is the ideal location for organizing a baptism party. Absorbed in the Mediterranean scrub of an enchanting hill located north-east of Olbia - Sardinia, just 1 km from Pittulongu beach, the hotel has a beautiful garden, surrounded by bougainvillea, olive trees and the fragrant Sardinian helichrysum, sounds and scents of the nature in which any child will feel peaceful and safe.


Of course there is no shortage of ideas for all those who can see in this location their wish for a birthday dinner fulfilled in the company of the dearest loved ones, an opportunity to remember the day that made you protagonists and participants in life. You can enjoy a relaxing moment, disconnect from a stressful day at work, thanks to our attention to remind you how important it is to love yourself. The multiplicity of our proposals means that everyone can find the combination suitable for your tastes and your budget, without sacrifices.

If you are thinking of organizing an event or your party, or of giving life to a company meeting in Olbia, take a coffee break to visit our location, without obligation, at the splendid hotel and start planning your dream event here!

Whether it is:

  • weddings
  • baptisms
  • communions
  • confirmations
  • birthdays
  • graduation parties

Our cuisine is simply the perfect accompaniment for your magic moment shared together with the guests and carefully supervised by our staff. Thanks to typical and international dishes, a wide choice to satisfy your senses and to please guests with a relaxing culinary pampering.

And when you want to find a moment of relaxation to recharge your batteries, you can enjoy the large garden with swimming pool area, a spectacular space overlooking the Gulf of Olbia, decorated with bougainvillea, olive trees and the typical Sardinian helichrysum with an unmistakable perfume.

E quando vorrai trovare un attimo di relax per ricaricare le batterie, potrai godere dell’ampio giardino con zona piscina, uno spazio spettacolare che si affaccia sul golfo di Olbia, decorato da bouganville, olivastri e il tipico elicriso sardo dall’inconfondibile profumo, una finestra aperta sul tuo momento di relax.

Our hotel always has the solution that best suits your needs.

The professional team of the Hotel dP Olbia - Sardinia is pleased to be able to accompany you on the various planning steps of the event, during the negotiation phase, helping you in your choices with a view to optimizing the budget, providing a clear and defined measure of the final cost, thus avoiding nasty surprises on the invoice.

Would you like to know more? Contact us at +39 0789 17 33 030 for more information.