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Blue Zone. The secrets of longevity

What do places as geographically distant as Sardinia, Okinawa, Nicoya in Costa Rica, the Greek island of Ikaria and Loma Linda in California have in common? They are all Blue Zones, places characterized by exceptional longevity and a high concentration of centenarians.

The concept of "Blue Zone" was born in Sardinia in 2000, when researchers Gianni Pes and Michel Poulain identified a series of towns in Ogliastra with an exceptional rate of centenarians, marking them on the map with a blue marker. The study then extended to other areas of Sardinia and the globe, in search of the secrets of longevity.

Science has shown that genetics only accounts for 25% of life expectancy; so what is the determining factor? There no longer seems to be any doubt that a long and fulfilling life depends on a set of factors such as habits, attitudes and environmental characteristics. Let's see them together.

Move naturally: the inhabitants of these areas do not go to gyms, but they garden, cultivate vegetable gardens or - as in Ogliastra - climb hundreds of steps every day.

Choose local food: Choosing food from local producers and eating in moderation can increase your chances of living a long life.

Having a life purpose: the Japanese call it “ikigai”, the Nicoyans “plan de vida”; the terms change, but the concept is the same: to become a centenarian you need to have a reason to get up in the morning.

Cultivate bonds and relationships: Blue Zone residents have strong family and social ties and are actively involved in community life.

Respect the environment: living in harmony with natural rhythms and respecting the ecosystem are widespread practices in the Blue Zones.

Dedicate time to spirituality: Believing in something greater seems to positively impact lifespan.

Avoid stress: leading a simple life and adopting a slower pace reduces stress, slowing down cellular aging.

It is no coincidence that new Blue Zones, such as Gallura, emerged from the 2023 research, an area characterized - as well as by a high quality of life - precisely by the healthy habits and positive attitudes we have described. If it is true that people are born Sardinians, it is equally true that knowing and adopting the island's lifestyle can contribute to well-being, promoting longevity.

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