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Yes, travel… slowly. “Slow” tourism and Sardinia

If you're tired of having timetables and schedules even when you're on holiday and you can't stand too many itineraries, real tours de force that leave no trace in your memory or room for true relaxation and enjoyment, then you're ready to embrace a new travel philosophy: that of slow tourism.

It is not necessary to set off on a long pilgrimage, nor to choose an adventurous backpacking holiday: just put the emphasis on the quality of the journey rather than the quantity of things to see, on the connection with the places you explore and the people you visit. Go at a slower pace, which allows you to better appreciate the travel experience.

Slow tourism is part of the broader movement of sustainable tourism and was born as an antidote to mass tourism and its frenzy to consume and collect as many experiences as possible, in a hit and run that does not satisfy the heart and does not allow us to grasp the true essence of a place. To this, the concept contrasts a more conscious and attentive approach, based on relationships with others, on involvement and immersion in local culture, on the discovery of history, traditions, gastronomy and lifestyles, always at a slow pace.

Slow tourism benefits not only travellers, but also the environment and local communities. By lingering in places, in fact, not only are we able to enjoy everything that an area offers, but we reduce our ecological footprint, especially if we choose to travel by bike, use the car less or take long walks. Furthermore, considering a travel destination as a place where people live, rather than as a simple tourist destination, protects the authenticity we so seek.

Some places lend themselves more than others to being experienced slowly: Sardinia, due to its relaxed lifestyle, the abundance of space and silence, the cultural and landscape variety, is certainly one of the best destinations for slow and conscious tourism.

And northeastern Gallura is one of those corners of the island to be explored thoroughly and with care, to reveal a treasure of beaches and coves, of granite rocks and centenary oaks, of enchanting natural paths and welcoming villages, of culinary traditions, of nuraghi and churches, of stories and encounters.

Choosing Hotel dP means taking the first step towards a holiday of this type: deep, slow, immersive and unforgettable.