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From Olbia to Golfo Aranci: a dream itinerary of golden sand and turquoise sea.

It's time to embark on a breathtaking journey from Olbia to Golfo Aranci, a 15 km itinerary starting from Hotel dP Olbia - Sardinia, a journey immersed in nature and in the beauty of the north-eastern coast of Sardinia.

Olbia what to see

Olbia enchants us with its narrow and tangled streets in the historic centre overlooked by 19th century buildings such as the Palazzo Comunale and the Simpliciana Library. Do not miss the Church of San Paolo with its colourful dome and the Punic Walls fragmented in the residential areas of the city. Make sure you also stop at the Archaeological Museum where there are important finds dating back to the Neolithic period. To appreciate the tranquility of nature, you can choose the Fausto Noce Park, the green lung of the city of Olbia.

The beaches of Olbia and Pittulongu

Olbia is the ideal starting point to reach the beaches of the Olbia - Golfo Aranci coast, which can be travelled to both by car and by a small train, that still today connects the city of Olbia to the town of Golfo Aranci, travelling along the coast on a really unique panoramic railway. All the beaches along the coast are real gems, which is why they are a major tourist attraction all over the world. Sardinia offers tourists panoramas and special locations that can be discovered not only in summer, but in all seasons of the year. For example, the route from Olbia to Golfo Aranci can be easily visited in spring and autumn. Among the main beaches of Olbia closest to the Hotel dP Olbia - Sardinia, we find Pittulongu beach and Lo Squalo beach, two beautiful white sand beaches commonly frequented by the Olbia’s residents, which are well equipped with services and various kinds of comforts.

From Olbia towards Golfo Aranci

Continuing along the coast towards Golfo Aranci we come across thirteen other main beaches that are very different from each other, some wild, others comfortable and equipped, but many other small and not easily accessible beaches that can be discovered by trekking enthusiasts. Along the way: the spiaggia Bianca, containing rock and fine sand, the beautiful Cala Sassari, the enchanting expanse of Nodu Pianu, separated by a small path from the pristine beauty of Cala Banana, and Terrata with gentle sand, smooth rocks and emerald sea.

The beaches of the Olbia - Golfo Aranci coast:


Golfo Aranci

In Golfo Aranci you will find breathtaking naturalistic beauty, but no citrus groves as the name could deceive. The origin of the name derives from the toponym Golfo di li Ranci which in Gallurese means Gulf of crabs and from an incorrect transcription of the cartographers it became Golfo of the Aranci. In Golfo Aranci there is the promontory of Capo Figari, known for its sea and land naturalistic beauty; in fact, its seabed is much appreciated by diving enthusiasts, including the amphitheater and the Mamuthone rock. Besides the beauty of the sea, with its marvelous seabed, there are numerous trekking routes to appreciate the panorama between sea, history and nature. Around Capo Figari we find the beaches of Baracconi and Cala Moresca, small sheltered pools where there are fishermen's huts, Cala Greca, a beach of pink pebbles hidden by high cliffs, and the delightful Cala del Sonno, where fishermen took refuge close to the sirocco wind.

From the town of Golfo Aranci you can walk to the Cinque Spiagge (‘Five beaches’) closest to the centre of the town. They are large with shallow and clear waters, one after the other, of small white sand paradises that are suitable for families and children. The corner of paradise Baia Caddinas is a beach with a Caribbean look that you cannot miss. Off the third beach you can visit the MuMart, a submerged contemporary art museum, which can also be visited by snorkelling, a real aquarium in the open sea.

You just have to plan your visit right away, stay at the Hotel dP Olbia - Sardinia and appreciate our dream coast with your own eyes.